Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Pouch Place by alliebeans and other goodies

I love some of the fabrics this Etsy seller uses. She creates simple, intelligent items that I can definitely relate to. AllieBeans has sold a whopping 1400 *plus* items, and remains a top google search when I looked up some of her fabrics. She has 100% positive reviews, which is hard to do when you have so many sales. I also love her WEBSITE too! It's also simple yet great. Check her out on ETSY now!

Next, I found a person who also has a craft fair blog, like my Craft Friendly So-IL Blog! See mine HERE...
See the Craft + Show Designs Blog HERE...I really like how she has categories on the side which display what type of item you want to display and get ideas for.

Next, is this adorable fabric print by Cosmo Cricket. See the listing HERE. I found it from the allie beans shop, and am in LOVE!!

Lastly is The Packagery! See them on Etsy HERE. Have a good night!

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