Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Things to LOVE : Altered Canvases by Laura Amiss

Today I found these amazingly wonderful canvases by Laura Amiss. They feature such lovely scenes as gals in the rain, and the cycle of a girl holding a dreamy floral, vintage purse! She is such an amazing Artist she inspired me to get back to this blog for 2010! On these canvases, it appears that she stretches her own canvases, then covers them with one layer of white muslin and the leg materials, then, she covers that over with a more sheer material, appliques the bodies. Then, she probably goes in with felt and top layers of cotton and details out the dresses and the hair/accessories like purses ad umbrellas. Lastly, she uses free-hand embroidery to stitch on the shadows and other detailing!
I LOVE this artist! And I hope you find her as unique as I do! Only a true artist can do work like this.

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